Check out Gotham Ducati, NYC's first and only official Desmo Owners Club

California Coast 2019 Day 2 Solvang Motorcycle Museum

California Coast 2019 Day 2

Today was and incredible... though loooooooong day on the road.  We launched from Pismo Beach, and made it not only to Los Angeles, but all the way to San Diego, stopping off at both Ducati Santa Barbara and Solvang Vintage Motorcycle Museum along the way. 

California Coast 2019 Day 1

Dreamforce Ducati Multistrada in Salesforce Tower Lobby

The lobby of Salesforce Tower in San Francisco has a brand new Ducati Multistrada in the entrance, 

with a very cool, interactive video talking about how Ducati motorcycles can be integrated with Ducati's website, and thus have ride information (laps, trips, lean angle) communicated back to Salesforce. 
I've never actually seen this happen, but it's a cool idea.  Earlier in the day, I was invited up to the Ohana floor on the top of Salesforce Tower. 
Floor to ceiling windows surround the floor, with sprawling views of San Francisco below.  
It's an incredible view of the city. 

© 2019 Tigh Loughhead

Ducati Midnight Club DOC Holiday Gathering

After my Pardot Artificial Intelligence speaking session at Dreamforce this year, I tagged along with my buddy Mufa to the the newly minted Ducati Midnight Club,
the newest (and sixth I believe) DOC created in the Bay Area, before Mufa and I rented bikes and hit the road.

One of the members owns an Italian restaurant in Saratoga, and we had a nice holiday meal, 
where I was treated like family. 
Mufa and I stopped off to see the Golden Gate bridge, where he took an amazing shot of the Golden Gate bridge: 

© 2019 Tigh Loughhead

Gotham Ducati New York

Gotham Ducati Desmo Owners Club at Ducati New York in Soho Manhattan NYC
Thanks to Edwin and Jerry, this is now the holiday window display at the shop in Soho at Ducati New York!  
© 2019 Tigh Loughhead

Winter Storage in PA

I dropped my track bike off down in PA, and prepped my other bikes for the winter.

Gotham Ducati Hawks Nest and Delaware Water Gap

Today was a pretty epic day.         

Gapalicious 2019 Day 3

My bike was fixed. 

Gapalicious 2019 Day 2

Gapalicious 2019 in Tellico Plains TN


Distinguished Gentlemans Ride Pasta Fazools

 I've always had a little bit of a love/hate relationship with the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, dating back all the way to 2013,

NYST Pig Roast

 Every year, New York Safety Track closes out the season with a famous Pig Roast, an upstate bacchanal to celebrate another season of riding motorcycles with the whole community.

Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli MotoGP

I'm incredibly lucky to be going to my third MotoGP event of the year, and my second in Italy!! 

Ducati Paris on the Champs Elysees

 Ducati Paris is located directly on the Champs Elysees, one of the main thoroughfares and most beautiful avenues in all of Paris.  When you think of Paris, you probably think 1. Eiffel Tower, 2. the Triumphal Arch or Notre Dame, and 3. the Champs Elysees, and Ducati Paris has two out of three.

NYDUCATI Vespa Edition Paris

 Well, this post is not particularly Ducati related, but it concerns two-wheeled Italian machines, so I'll just say it: "I'm getting married!!"

Ducati New York Track Experience Round 2

After getting rained out for Ducati New York's first Track Experience of the year... we got rained out again.  :(

NYST with the Gotham Boys

 Whelp, I'm back at the track again, with my buddies Jason, Tommy, Craig, Web and Brian...

Keith Codes California Superbike School at NJMP

Tigh Loughhead graduates Keith Codes California Superbike School at NJMP
I've been waiting for this day for six months!

Ducati Revs NorthEast 2019 with Roger Lee Hayden

The last couple posts have been about track days... 

and the next few are NOT going to be any different.   I'm going to DUCATI REVS!! 

Ladies Invitational Track Day at NYST

I've been up at the track all weekend, but today is was put together to bring women (who might otherwise not venture) out to the track, for a day of instruction and track time.

Late July at New York Safety Track Day 2

Tomorrow is our friend Melissa's Ladies Invitational Track Day, but today I'm spending the day with my boys. 

Late July at New York Safety Track

Las Vegas was fun, but I was itching to get back to the track.  I'm also having my floors redone (for the second time in as many years, as it wasn't done right the first time), so I have no home to come back to.  Guess I'll just go straight to the track!

Las Vegas - BellissiMoto

Las Vegas - Cooking at the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

 The next couple of hours riding through the desert would be some of the most beautiful as well as excruciating riding I've ever done.

Las Vegas - Mount Charleston Nevada on a Hypermotard SP

I did manage to get up early today, as it's going to be a SCORCHER today, with temperatures in the the 120's...

Viva Las Vegas

Inman Ambassador Tigh Loughhead rents a Ducati HypermotardSP on the Las Vegas Strip
I have been in Last Vegas this week (for the first time somehow...), as an Inman Ambassador for Inman Connect Last Vegas

Raul Partakes a Panigale

While my track bike is in the shop, I'm helping others with their bikes, as it's pretty good to have a pickup truck.

My buddy Raul has been talking about a Panigale for years.

Tommy's trackbike gets a lift

While my track bike sits at Ducati New York (after crashing a couple weeks ago at NYST),  I helped out Tommy bring his track bike in for service from his dads house.

CRASHING at New York Safety Track

Tommy and Web's Ducati New York Track bikes. 

New York Safety Track Day with Tommy June 29

XDiavel at Harlem Superbike School

JZ added a new steed to the paddock this afternoon, trading in his beautifully customized Monster 1200S, 

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Ducati World Miribilandia

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