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California Coast 2019 Day 1

My fried Mufa (who just moved from NYC to SF) and I planned on taking a four-day long-distance trip down the California Coastline, hopefully getting to LA or beyond. 
I've rented a 2019 Ducati SuperSportS through Riders-Share, and though I'm allotted limited mileage, I'm enthusiastic about having a real touring bike after my disastrous trip south a couple years back. 
Mufa is riding his Monster 1200S Anniversario, and we were joined by another Gotham Ducati member Frank, who happens to work for Salesforce and is here for Dreamforce as well. 
Frank rented a BMW R Nine-T, and by the end he was sad and a little envious he was only joining for the afternoon.
We stopped at Alice's Restaurant for breakfast, and made our way down to the coast.

We made it down to Pidgeon Point Lighthouse, swapping bikes 
and getting eager for our journey. 
The west coast is incredibly beautiful, 
and I was once again struck by the sheer variability of the climate and topography.  
One minute you're in a deciduous rain forest, the next snaking though an arid maze of hills,  
and then suddenly you're climbing a craggy coastline. 
Mufa and I left Frank behind, 
and make it all the way down to Bixby Bridge

which had been closed due to land slides when I had last come through. 
This area of Big Sur is truly spectacular, and arguably 
the most beautiful place I've ever been. 
We took some staggering photos
Both Mufa and I

and then did some off roading up a mountain trail, 

before making tracks. 
We were trying to get as far south as possible. 
Mufa has some friends in LA. 
but we took a few shots of ourselves, 
then a few (for the ages) of our bikes. 
and got back on the road

We made it all the way down to Morrow Bay, 
where a giant rock formation just out into the sea, 
and we drove all the way onto the beach to watch the sun go down. 
There are some things so beautiful that words can barely describe. 
But in a flash they're gone

Like the sunset. 
We ended up in a small town called Oceono, just south of Pismo Beach, 
found a cheap hotel and a pretty modest sports bar for dinner, 
and crashed after a looooonggg day. 
© 2019 Tigh Loughhead


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