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2018 Ducati World Presidents Meeting Day 2 Ducati Factory

Sharpie Edition Ducati Monster by Jody Whitsell

I met Jody at last year's DESMO BBQ, the 16th annual New York Ducati enthusiast's summer party. I had seen pictures of her bike before, but never had met the artist,  Jody Whitsell who one day took a Sharpie Marker to one of the most beautiful Ducati motorcycles ever built, a Ducati Monster S2R.
Sharpie Edition Ducati Monster S2R by Jody Whitsell
The funny thing is that I had the exact same idea to do to my Ducati 996, and even bought a set of cheap Chinese plastics, which I either wanted to vinyl-wrap, or paint or draw upon myself.

Motorycling San Francisco California

Off with the suit and onto the road...

Marketing guru and motorcycle fanatic

East Coast Ducs ride to IMOC 2015 in Massachusetts

East Coast Ducs Photo Credit: Alex

Storm King Mountain

Impromptu Run to the Storm King Highway

 I haven't had much of a chance to ride with the DOCNYC (my Ducati motorcycle crew) this year, because of motorcycle mayhem and long trips.  But last night, I noticed a couple friends on a forum itching to ride today, and about ten of us showed up at Rockwell this morning.

Brand New 2015 Ducati Monster 821 Photos and Specs

Bobber Ducati Monster Cafe Racer on Craigslist

Tigho NYDucati Bobber Ducati Monster Cafe Racer on Craigslist

Major Mods on this Magnificent Monster

I'm not sure if this was for sale, or just in the shop at Rockwell Cycle, but this was one of the wildest monsters I've ever seen. No cans, just baffles, twin-headlights, custom painted chromo tank, aftermarket belt-covers, open clutch cover, custom guages and carbon fiber everywhere and  spoked, tubed rims.

Desmo Ducati Owners Club Annual BBQ 2013

2014 Ducati Maxi Monster 1198 Testastretta

Liquid Cooled Ducati Testastretta 1198 engine, Streetfighter-esque.  This looks to be a significant change in the Monster style.
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