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Sharpie Edition Ducati Monster by Jody Whitsell

I met Jody at last year's DESMO BBQ, the 16th annual New York Ducati enthusiast's summer party. I had seen pictures of her bike before, but never had met the artist,  Jody Whitsell who one day took a Sharpie Marker to one of the most beautiful Ducati motorcycles ever built, a Ducati Monster S2R.
Sharpie Edition Ducati Monster S2R by Jody Whitsell
The funny thing is that I had the exact same idea to do to my Ducati 996, and even bought a set of cheap Chinese plastics, which I either wanted to vinyl-wrap, or paint or draw upon myself.

Sharpie Edition Ducati Monster
Alas, I'll have to be satisfied with chrome rims on the 996, as I doubt I'll be doing any major art projects any time soon.
However, I totally understand the compulsion, and Jody is available for hire should you want a bike, helmet or anything else illustrated.

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