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This year, Ducati released a 90th Anniversary Panigale 1299S. Of the 500 made, only 200 were shipped to the USA, and two of them now belong to members of my club, the East Coast Ducs.

A buddy Jon had bought his 'Anniversario' a few months back, but I had promised not to share anything on social media until he had a chance to bring the bike home.
The story is rather hilarious though- Jon invited a few friends over for scotch one weekend, but upon my arrival, his girlfriend blockaded me in the lobby, trying to distract me from hearing what was going on in the elevator.
Non-plussed, I went over to see the brouhaha, and here was Jon trying to fit a fucking Panigale into the elevator of his condo building.
 We helped roll it into the living room of his apartment, where it sat until this morning in February
A hell of a conversation piece for your living room, Jon had already done a ton of work to the bike. 
 The Ohlin's shock was custom-painted red, with carbon fiber and Ducabike bits everywhere, including the rear sets and clear clutch cover. 
Jon's gf and the puppies wished us well, and we were on our way to break in the bike. 
New motorcycles require a break-in period, usually about 500-100 miles or so, to stress test the engine, and normalize all of the engine components. 
As a result, and because of the salt on the roads, we were just out for a little jaunt, without too much speed, along the same route in White Plains we call Harlem Superbike School. 
 We ended up at Dunkin Donuts, our normal pit-stop, and just sat to admire the beauty of this bike.
Couldn't be cleaner... 
Yeah, boyieie!!!
I can't wait till we can line up Anniversarios side by side, as our friend and ECD club Prez Walter also has one. 

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