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FUELL FLOW-F1S Prototype

One of my friends Dave Wax is working on an incredible new electric bike and motorcycle project with Erik Buell, and they had a pop-up shop on the Lower East Side this week.

Changing the Clutch on a Streetfighter 1098S

Well, I finally burned out the clutch on my Streetfighter.

Gleaming Red Ducati Superbike of My Own...

As long as I've driven Ducatis, I've had my heart set on a 916, a 996 or a 998.  Simply put, Massimo Tamburini's 916 is the apotheosis of motorcycle design.  Behind this flawless aesthetic was a beast of a machine, and throughout the 90's Ducati dominated the race circuit. This has been my dream bike, and I knew I would own one eventually.

ST3 Jersey Journey to NYC

I need electrics...Saturday was beautiful day; sunny with temperatures in the high 50's in PA, perfect for a late winter ride.  Sunday was cloudy, cold and barely in the 40's, creating a pretty brutal atmosphere for bringing my bike back to NYC. 

I love my new saddle and tank bags, and a windscreen is an entirely a new experience for me, (since my Ducati Monster affords none of those accoutrements) but neither handwarmers nor wind protection afforded me too much comfort on the long, cold ride back to the city.

November Skies, Still Beautiful to Ride. Fall in NYC.

November Skies still beautiful to Ride under in NYC. Tigho NYDucati
On Essex and Grand Street riding mid-November
© 2013 Tigh Loughhead

Custom Triumph Chopper off Bowery

Tigho NYDucati Custom Triumph Chopper off Bowery
Though I'm not a huge fan of the genre, I stumbled on this pretty custom Triumph chopper out making a fancy Saturday beer run to my favorite spot in the city, New Beer, on Chrystie between Rivington and Delancey on the Lower East Side.  

Sexy Modded Ducati GT1000 SportClassic on Orchard Street

Ok, so there might be something wrong with me.  I just spent a couple hours watching a rather provocative burlesque show at The Slipper Room on the Lower East Side, but the sexiest thing I saw all night was parked across the street on Orchard Street and Stanton. 

This totally naked custom GT1000 was custom painted (you don't see too many in all black), what looked like motocross tires, clip-ons, a full tail chop and a funky exhaust.
© 2013 Tigh Loughhead

Grand Street on Fire

Driving down the street and had to pull over to snap this picture of Grand Street and East Broadway on fire at Sunset © 2013 Tigh Loughhead

My Neighbor's Chromed out Thruxton and a Ducati SportClassic GT1000

Rides gone by...