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ST3 Jersey Journey to NYC

I need electrics...Saturday was beautiful day; sunny with temperatures in the high 50's in PA, perfect for a late winter ride.  Sunday was cloudy, cold and barely in the 40's, creating a pretty brutal atmosphere for bringing my bike back to NYC. 

I love my new saddle and tank bags, and a windscreen is an entirely a new experience for me, (since my Ducati Monster affords none of those accoutrements) but neither handwarmers nor wind protection afforded me too much comfort on the long, cold ride back to the city.

I left a little after noon, and got about two hours out before I needed to stop somewhere outside of Clinton, NJ.  I found a little Italian restaurant, pictured below in all it's Middle-American glory, where I thawed my fingers on a bottomless cup of coffee for about an hour.

There's something exhausting about cruising at 85mph for hours in 40 degree weather.  Beyond the immediate cold, and ensueing aching numbness, a deep sense of fatigue sets into a person's body (especially the joints), and i was tired by the time I got to my new garage in the East Village around 4:30.


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