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Central Park West Crash takes out the ST3

A few Tuesday's back, I was trying to catch up to the DOCNYC at Columbus Circle, for an evening ride on my Ducati ST3.  Unfortunately going down CPW in the mid 70's, a cab was stopped in a traffic lane, and I stupidly decided to pass it on the right, just as a girl decided to get out.  She didn't look behind her, and though I managed to slow down to about 10mph, I hit the door and went down.  

Faulty ST3 goes to Fast by Ferracci

For the past three weekends running, I've made the commute down to PA to work on my 2004 Ducati ST3, trying to fix or even find a presumably electrical problem with the bike. I finally got in touch with the previous owner of the bike (his dad sold it to me), and discovered the issue of the EOBD (check engine) light, error sensor messages and a jittery throttle, all which apparently stem from an unresolved issue he neglected to fix (or even inform me about).

 ST3 goes to Fast by Ferracci

And sure enough, when I flicked the highbeam, the light flashed and the whole instrument panel started flickering dangerously.  Although I have several family members and friends who excel at Ducati maintenance, I've officially given up on troubleshooting electronics and decided to take the bike to a dealer, and was advised to go down to Fast by Ferraci in Willow Grove.  I borrowed my dad's truck and my brother in-law's enclosed trailer, and hauled the bike down to the Philadelphia suburb (above).

ST3 goes to Fast by Ferracci

This bike has been nothing but a headache, but I can't help still hoping that it's just one issue that will be simply corrected. There is a cracked connector coming out of the headlight assembly wiring harness, that I couldn't figure out how to release and check.  
ST3 goes to Fast by Ferracci

Here's hoping the bike isn't a total lemon, and I'm not going to get completely gouged. I had a rather large trip planned, but unfortunately if I don't get the bike back next week, I'm probably screwed. 

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Wasted Weekend Wondering about my Wounded ST3

Tigho's Naked Ducati ST3 in the barn, assessing electrical problems “EFI Er. 1.1” and “Er. 3.1.”
Part 1: It’s a long way, to Pennsyltucky…
My Monster has been incredibly reliable.  The carbed engine has been bulletproof over the last 7,000 miles (on the cusp of 20K total), and I haven’t had any issues that have given Ducati questionable reputations in the past.  The computer system on my ST3 could be another matter.
I rode to work on Friday morning, and was a little over-eager to hit the road.  There was either gravel in the street, or I’m not used to the kickstand yet; and I dumped the new bike in slow-motion like a stupid rookie.

I managed to pull the bike up almost immediately, and sheepishly rode to work.  There was virtually no body damage, but when I turned the bike on, the EOBD (check engine) light was on, the coolant temperature wouldn’t register, and the fan wouldn't shut off.  I scoured some Ducati.ms forums, and came to the conclusion that I had damaged the coolant sensor, and that I could probably ride down to Pennsylvania to see my brother later that day, as this was my plan for the afternoon all week.

After work, at the entrance gate to the Holland Tunnel, the engine started sputtering, and the engine wouldn’t engage when heavily twisting the throttle.  I couldn’t turn around in merging traffic, so I decided to limp over to Jersey City, and then in an anxious fit of reckless bravery/idiocy, to see how far I could go before having the issue again.  After I got on the Pulaski Skyway, the bike felt fine for two hours, and I was hoping cleaning or drying the sensor would resolve the issue.

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