THIS TUESDAY (6/30) 7pm: New York Ducati Bike Night at The Art of the Italian Two Wheel

Tuesday June 30th 7-8pm at 40th and Madison - ALL RIDERS WELCOME for an Italian Bike Night 

Ducatis Appreciated, but Not Required

The Stuart Parr Collection exhibit ART OF THE ITALIAN TWO WHEEL in Midtown is a phenomenal bit of Italian history, showcasing about 30 different 60's and 70's era Ducatis, MV Agustas and other classic Italian motorcycles.  These bikes have generated so much buzz around #285MadisonAve that the retail space was rented and the exhibit will be closing early. These vintage bikes should be appreciated properly by modern-day Ducati enthusiasts!!!
We will meet and park on 40th Street by Madison Avenue Tuesday night (June 30th) at 7pm, have some refreshments and hear a little more about the collection and the bikes from the owner himself, then head over to the Ear for anyone who is interested. 
The owner welcomes all motorcyclists, so bring your friends! Find out a little more about the exhibit here: http://stuartparrcollection.com/ or on my blog:  http://www.nyducati.com/2015/02/italian-motorcycle-classics-invade.html
The storied history behind being a Ducatisti is unique, and it will be incredible for New York Motorcycle enthusiasts to meet up at the exhibit Tuesday night.  
If anyone has questions, please contact me at (484)639-2377 or tigh@nyducati.com.
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Ducati Soho to Amish Country

Woke up Saturday ready to ride. and spent most of the morning mulling around Ducati Soho.
 Tricked out perfect purple Panigale with everything powder-coated from TheChopShopNY


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