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California Coast 2019 Day 2

Today was and incredible... though loooooooong day on the road.  We launched from Pismo Beach, and made it not only to Los Angeles, but all the way to San Diego, stopping off at both Ducati Santa Barbara and Solvang Vintage Motorcycle Museum along the way.  
We got up super early and decided we could make it not just to LA, but all the way down to San Diego, where I had never been. 
As it was Saturday, California traffic was legendary.  Instead of taking Route 1, we took 101 South all the way to a bizarre, little Dutch hamlet, that was constructed to look like a little touristy Dutch Disneyworld.   We didn't stop to take pics, instead checking out the Solvang Vintage Motorcycle Museum,
abdn the n took the San Marcos Pass Rd on down to Santa Barbara. 
We stopped at the famous Ducati Santa Barbara (see post), filled with Carln Dunne's trophies, and continued on some awesome roads that bypassed suburban LA. 
We then slabbed it through the LA metro as evening turned to dusk, and all the way down to La Jolla, just north of San Diego. 
Mufa had been to SD a couple times, and too, me along the waterfront to watch the seals in the surf. 
We walked down within touching distance of a family of seals, all barking at each other and vying for territory. 
We then found a very swanky hotel called the Town and Country San Diego, offering rooms at a quarter of their regular price due to the place being under renovations. 
The room was pretty spectacular, and there was some lavish Persian wedding happening at the same time, 
so a cavalcade of Lambos, Ferraris and other fancy cars framed our entrance.  
 Mufa insisted that we go to the best BBQ joint in all of San Diego "Phils BBQ" so we left our bikes in the hotel parking garage four floors underground, 

and headed out into downtown SD.
After Dinner Mufa wanted to check out the Gaslamp district, which seemed like SD's version of Bourbon Street. 
We had a beer or two but were utterly unprepared for the drunken revelry of Saturday night, and ended up at a quiet hookah bar meeting some of Mufa's friends. 
We grabbed some late night coffee,
smoked a hookah, 
and luxuriated on riding all the way from San Fran to San Diego in just two days. 

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