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Gleaming Red Ducati Superbike of My Own...

As long as I've driven Ducatis, I've had my heart set on a 916, a 996 or a 998.  Simply put, Massimo Tamburini's 916 is the apotheosis of motorcycle design.  Behind this flawless aesthetic was a beast of a machine, and throughout the 90's Ducati dominated the race circuit. This has been my dream bike, and I knew I would own one eventually.

Back-seat Driver distracted us all the way home...
After 13,000+ miles on the road last year though, I had decided the emotional and monetary expenditure of a ten year old bike was too much for me, and I almost bought a 2013 BMW S1000RR.
   The only reason I didn't buy a BMW was the bike sold a couple days before I could go pick it up, and I nearly made a couple stupid decisions trying to find a similar deal.
 However, I chanced upon a beautiful looking 996, with a reasonable amount of miles (very few miles is almost as worrisome as too many on an old Duc), and I figured I would go take a look at the bike, which cost less than half of an S1000RR.
My friend Chris offered to drive me down to Philly in his van, and once I saw this bike I was in love... The bike is nearly spotless, with gleaming chromed Marchesini wheels, carbon fiber bits here and there, a full Termi system and chipped ECU, Speedymoto open clutch and more.
 It's fairly heavy for a superbike, but has way more power than my other litre-bike, my Ducati ST3.
 Even though we're in the frigid January winter-months, forty degrees is enough for me; and I took her out after work this past week around downtown Manhattan.  This Ducati is a blast to ride, and though not as fast as a newer superbike, it's far more beautiful, and I can't wait to open her up on the open road.

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