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2017 is the Year of the Ducati Supersport

I had mixed feelings when Ducati announced Project 1312, which turned out to be the "SuperSport," Ducati's return to sport touring.
 I love the ergonomics of my ST3, which was unfortunately killed off by the introduction of the Multistrada in 2007.  Though their capabilities overlapped, the Multistrada isn't the same, offering aa more upright riding position, and which never really felt like a sportbike.

The new Ducati Supersport, similar to my ST, is supremely comfortable, while still positioning the rider in a fairly aggressive position, and it rides like a superbike.  With only 113hp at around $13,000, the Supersport also won't break the bank.  
I'm still not totally sold on the double-bug-eyed alien lights, which kind of just look like a Panigale with double-vision, but overall I'm a pretty big fan of the bike. 

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