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Off with the suit and onto the road...

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Ok, so I'm writing this a bit after the fact- but only by a couple of days.  I've been itching for this trip on many different levels, even to the point of leveraging my love of motorcycling into my presentation at Dreamforce.  See above for the third slide in my talk, which I was rehearsing at daybreak overlooking the Bay in Portrero.
Packing up my dry cleaning and riding gear
California has always seemed a bit like a holy land for biking.  One of the friends I was going to stay with during Dreamforce was a friend I had made going part of the way cross country on superbikes nearly four years ago.
Your humble author, Tigh Loughhead, at Dreamforce
I can't seem to shake this inkling feeling that riding here will be totally different from anything I've ever experienced.
 California has a totally different culture and respect towards bikes than any place I've ever been.
 In the first place, lane splitting is legal and it's tough getting used to "legal" lane splitting, while respecting other laws as well. Speaking of the law, police ride all sorts of motorcycles...
There are the traditional Harley Davidson police cruisere, but I see supermoto bikes and adventure machines as well.

 San Fran is quite affluent, but still craving authenticity, (much like Brooklyn,) and there are any number of Bonnies or cafe'd BMW Boxer bikes outside of the top coffee-shops.
 But at it's core, I believe that San Francisco is more of a biker-centric culture than the East Coast,
Drivers actually make way for bikes, and all different manner of people ride. 
I'm looking forward to taking off, though I haven't yet picked a route yet...
 I have a bunch of advice though, from a number of friends and club-mates back home,
as well as a few referrals to locals here. 
 Most of all, I just want to take off and go; leaving this crowded civilization behind.

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