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DESMO DOC 2016 16th Annual BBQ

I've been running around like crazy this weekend.

2014 DESMO BBQ                                                        2015 DESMO BBQ

 I rode back to Pennsylvania for a funeral Saturday morning, then back to NYC on Saturday night.
Gabriele's delicious custom Sportclassic
 I had posted the DESMO BBQ ride on our East Coast Ducs page,
Jerry at Columbus Circle
 so I kind of felt responsible, and ended up leading the ride, up the Palisades Parkway to 84, then all the way up to Orange County and Hamptonburg.
 We rode about 15 deep, though there were some terrific Ducatis on display.
 This Desmosedici had been here last year, though I believe it unfortunately has only a handful of miles on it.
 There were a couple old Ducati 750S's, in the same sunburst orange as the newer replica Sportclassic bikes.
 There were only a couple of 2 valve race bikes, like these Ducati 900SS's, one of which is an immaculate Superlight edition.
 One of the coolest bikes was Jodi Whitsell's custom Sharpie Monster S2R, though I'll write up a separate blog post.
Best in Show Custom Ducati SportClassic from thetuscangun
 The star bike unquestionably was one of the NYC crew, our own Gabriele Corcos'es custom SportClassic. This bike apparently cost about $12,000 from Ducati Soho, but with the big bore kit and all the top-of-the-line parts cost him between 2-3x what he actually paid for it (hoping his wife doesn't read my blog).
 The winner of the vintage portion of the bike show was a guy by the name of Frank Machinist on a single-cylinder ("monocilindri") endurance bike, the Moto Giro d'Italia, which he apparently raced in Italy.
 The bike was street legal though, and in immaculate shape.
 A couple more Sportclassics bookending a 70's era 750S.
 A nice old GT I believe.
 Another sunburnt orange 750S.
 A few people, like my friend Glenn here with a track-ready 996S, went straight from the BBQ to Ducati Revs at NYST.
 And a few Ducs didn't enter the bike show at all.
 Though I would give this brand new F3 an honorable mention.
 Even a lone scrambler showed up, perhaps the first one at a DESMO event.
  This bike broke down on the way, but a 1984 F1A is a beautiful classic bike.
 Jerry and Gabriele won best 4 valve superbike and best overall bike for their Panigale and Sportclassics respectively.
...and only other Ducati owners appreciate the love and effort we put into our bikes.

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