Ducati San Francisco

Unbelieveably, in all of San Francisco, I'm staying about two blocks from Ducati San Francisco.  I've stayed for a couple of days in Portrero with a friend of my girlfriend, and then I'm crashing with a friend of a friend in the Mission, literally right down the street from Munroe Motors, the official Ducati shop in SF.

Dreamforce has been amazing, but after my third day of power-networking and partying, I'm ready for motorcycles, and I stopped off at Munroe Motors just to say hi.

A very friendly guy named Andy immediately came over, and we chatted about bikes and routes for my upcoming trip.
Andy and Patty confirmed some of the advice that I had gotten from friends, but said that if I hadn't ridden the West Coast before, there was nothing better I could to than ride up Route 1 as far as I could go, then come back down, and if I wanted to push it, Oregon was definitely within reach over four or five days.

 Of course I needed to pick up a t-shirt, and the guys wished me best of luck, now even more excited about the trip ahead.

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