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Bobber Ducati Monster Cafe Racer on Craigslist

Tigho NYDucati Bobber Ducati Monster Cafe Racer on Craigslist
From Craigslist
Star Wars Bobber Ducati Monster Cafe Racer on Craigslist ala Tigho NYDucati

 Ducati Bobber Monster Cafe Racer on Craigslist ala Tigho NYDucati

"Tail chopped and the frame plugs are the actual LED turn signals . It has new 
-timing belt
- modified sprockets 14-41 to make it much more quicker
-gold chain 
-cnc machined gold/black adjustable levers 
-cnc machined gold rear set 
-performance fuel line 
-glass washable fuel filter 
- digital gauges includes all the indicators 
- I upgraded a complete front end to make the bike more confie and more reliable so it has a 2012 ducati 696 front end . better suspension dual brake discs and the major improvements are the brembo 4-piston radial calipers.
- new café headlight 
-café racer tail light 
-cnc machined clip-ons with raiser.
-cnc machined gold rear and front brake reservoirs
- Brand new Pirelli Angel soft tires
- CNC machined gold grips 
- new sparkplugs
-new pot filters on each carburetor
-cnc machined gold foldable and adjustable bar end mirrors ......
- I removed all of the extra weights from the bike (charcoal canister...) so its handles like a bicycle but torque like a real monster .-perfect for beginners , for easy riders and also for pro riders .
-aftermarket conical mufflers powder coated and newly packed with fiber clothing sounds amazing. 

The tail section molded and built from fiberglass ,and totally unique took me around a good month to create it .
( No other like this in the entire world ) 
-Custom seat (brand new )black leather sewed with golden stiches . ( Only for one person - no passengers)
-the heights of the seats is only a visual effect this is 32 inches from ground so less then todays monsters 

I am sure I forget few things , but the pictures are talks them self I guess."© 2013 Tigh Loughhead


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