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2018 Ducati World Presidents Meeting Day 2 Ducati Factory

Today is the day... about of hundred; roughly half of the Presidents of Ducati Owners' Clubs across the world, are collecting bikes to ride around Italy for a couple of days, in what I have to admit is something of a lifelong dream. 
After FICO Eataly World last night,  I still only know a handful of presidents, but they mostly seem like pretty incredible people.
Regardless, we're all doing what we love,
and we're staying in a pretty amazing location.
We were all instructed to put on our matching WPM t-shirts,
and board a bus headed for the Ducati factory.
Everyone was brimming with anticipation,
even just to see the factory sign in Borgo Panigale.
A bunch of us stopped for photo ops,
and I did my goofy grin by myself,
and then again with Sandro, the VP of Desmo in NJ.
As you can see, there are a fleet of bikes on display.
ranging from Multis, to Scramblers, to Monsters to Supersports.
Once I got inside, it was time for the presentation!

There were so many people from so many places! 
We had our welcome, and instructions
and again, mostly everyone knew each other.
but everyone was to introduce themselves to the each other,
like Wendy from Taiwan,
or Luca from California,
Or Bob from Scotland!
One by one, we picked up our keys to the bikes,
and headed outside to find our rides.
These Multi's are apparently from a DRE (Ducati Riding Experience) course in Bahrain.
Pictured above is Dong Hyung (Dylan) Kim,
and then a beautiful bunch of Monsters,
and Diavels.
They had a full film crew,
and had us walk back and forth.
But I managed to capture a few pics in the interim.
Some of the shots were exquisite.
We went back inside for a bit,
and heard from our rider coaches,
and from some of the Presidents themselves!
I snukc off into the factory for a sec, and saw some of the upcoming models mostly assembled.
before suiting up,
and getting ready to hit the road!

Ducati eventually came out with a WPM official video using the footage from our trip!

Next Up: WPM Ducati World Presidents Meeting Day 3

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