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2018 Ducati World Presidents Meeting Day 1 FICO Eataly World

It's kind of funny...
I worked across the street from Eataly when it opened up on Madison Square Park nearly a decade ago,
and at the time I knew that Eataly
was a partnership between the Italian government and Mario Batali (and a few others).
But never did I believe that there would be Eatalys springing up across the world,
ultimately creating Fico Eataly World, the self proclaimed largest food park in the world.
This is my first night of the World Presidents Meeting,
so it's a little bizarre to be getting a tour
of artisanal Italian food in the largest mall complex I've ever seen.
But, Italians pride themselves in food almost more than any other craft,
and I would argue it's totally warranted.
From cheese, to wine, to meat,
to bread, vinegar and marzipan,
there is nothing quite like eating Italian.

© 2018 Tigh Loughhead


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