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Crashed Panigale 1299RFE Final Edition

Apologies for posting this El Duro... 😛. 

Out riding upstate out of Ossining, my friend came in hot around a blind, off-camber turn somewhere right on the New York / Connecticut border. 
  One second I was on his tail, as we were ripping through horse country, and I saw him go wide, then get a little wobbly, before running off the road and hitting some soft mud, instantly going down and winding up completely enveloped in a pricker bush.
I just saw him dissappear, so I gunned the throttle (so as to not be caught when I made a U-turn) back to see how he was.
Accidents can mean mayhem, but everyone stopped without too much drama,
And made sure El Duro was alright.
His pride was more wounded than anything else, but I dove into the thorny brush and pulled his bike out.
There wasn't a huge amount wrong- one of the clip-ons was busted off alongside the brake cylinder,
plus a few scratches on the clear-coat.
But Teddy from HVMC was already talking about a Panigale Speciale, so this bike might go to salvage. 
A tow truck finally came, and he loaded this limited edition bike onto a flatbed.
We ended up in Rhinebeck sans El Duro, but had a drink in his honor nonetheless.

© 2018 Tigh Loughhead


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