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2018 Ducati World Presidents Meeting Day 4 Crashing a Multi 950

Well... I now know the limits of a Multistrada I guess.

I went down pretty hard chasing someone, crashing a brand new Ducati Multistrada 950, and dinging myself up in the process.
I was following behind Lara Pepler, a famous racer out of Dubai,
who actually outclassed all of the Shieks and Emiratis in the Middle East, and won (as a woman) her 600 series class racing a Ducati 848.
Anyhoo, I was right on her tail, but I took an inner line and hit a pothole on a crappy Italian road.
I uncompressed the rear suspension, which gradually lowsided me... washing away the rear.
My Dianese jeans were scuffed, and I wore right through the pad on my Dianese textile jacket doing no more than 45mph when I went down. My finger bent back though, and within a couple hours had swollen up a couple knuckles so my glove was pretty tight.
Most importantly, the bike was ok, with a little damage to the pillion plastic,

and cracking the front windshield.
I guess I scuffed up the pegs as well,
but the bike was plenty rideable.
And Alfie rescued the windshield, 
which everyone signed or put their club stickers on before I went home. 

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