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2018 Ducati World Presidents Meeting Day 3 Modena

Today's the day we finally go for a real ride, and we're going to be touring around Emilia Romagna and Modena, the home of Balsamic Vinegar I believe (and not a bad place to find Parmesean cheese, either. 

We started off early, though everyone sort of mulls around for a while and then it's immediately go tim.
A couple people recommended putting stickers on your bikes, so you know whose is who's.
Another new friend said Italians have this philosophy of "hurry up and wait,"
which kind of captures the laid back but immediately frenetic pace of riding.
The country was incredible,
and we ended up at a cafe bedecked in Ducati regalia.
Everyone stopped for an espresso at a mountaintop cafe called Casa Rugiada,

to admire the scenery,
and a bathroom break,
and possibly a photo op,
but we were almost immediately back on the road.
We then rode a bit,
and then stopped for lunch.
Now lunch in Italy can be a 2-3 hour extravaganza,
which is pretty neat.
And I have no idea why there are no fat Italians.
as we gorged on food.
After lunch, we headed towards another "agrotourismo" tour on a local farm,
which at first we thought was going to be yet another cultural tourism stop.
But we soon learned that this farm,
while specializing in the production of cheese, 
And by cheese I mean wheel after wheel, 
aging for years-
Anyway, the owner of this farm was a guy by the name of Panini, who was also interested in mechanical pursuits,
namely one type of make: Maserati. 
The Panini Motor Museum, or informally the Museo Maserati, is one of the most incredible collections of the Italian luxury carmaker in the world, and i have a complete rundown of the cars in a separate post.
Outside, it was starting to rain, and my new friend Lara from South Africa was doing burnouts in the dirt by some haybales on her Scrambler.
We got drenched... torrentially rained upon on the way back to the hotel.
I have some ridiculous GoPro footage, but I working on finding it:
Here are some more pics;

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