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Las Vegas - BellissiMoto

By the time I rode back from the Hoover Dam, I was completely exhausted.

Not only was Lake Mead below sea level (which some people mentioned adds 10-15 degrees to Las Vegas proper's temp, suggesting I might have been riding in the 130s),
Las Vegas streetlights are some of the dumbest configuration of any municipality I've ever seen, with every stoplight changing, and left and right turns going after straight traffic has gone (I've never seen such poor civic planning).

Suffice to say, I had to stop at every fucking stoplight,
hanging off the saddle in excruciating heat, as the hyper is way too tall for me to reach both of my 28" inseam legs to the ground.
When I arrived at BellissiMoto,  the shop was quiet until the owner Randy came over to ask if I was ok.

 Now I know BellissiMoto as a parts store online, selling all manner of Italian aftermarket parts, like CNC Racing billet parts, or the futuristicPaolo Tex Ducati Monster body kits (above).

 I had seen BellissiMoto's Monster S4RS MotoGP edition "MonsterGP" or MonstroLeggero out at COTA though, and was interested to see if an how many custom bikes they actually built.
 The shop was incredible.
 There were probably close to 50 custom bikes alone in the shop, almost all customs, save a few race bikes and a Desmosedici or two.
 The bikes were immaculate,
 though Randy definitely prefers older Monsters.
 He had a Paul Smart,
 a Ducati 998 Matrix Edition superbike,
 and many more.
 I was pretty beat,
 but after telling Randy my story,
he generously offered to let me hang out at the shop for the rest of the afternoon.
I spent the next three hours chilling at the shop,

hoping I didn't have heat stroke, 
shooting the shit with an incredible motorcycle designer,  
 and waiting till my evening flight back to NYC

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