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Late July at New York Safety Track Day 2

Tomorrow is our friend Melissa's Ladies Invitational Track Day, but today I'm spending the day with my boys. 

My buddy Tommy came up (as he's now here more than me), as did my buddy Daniel.
I'm feeling pretty fast this weekend, and took a second to note a little blade of grass I caught I think around turn 4.
My little e-scooter is a perfect pit bike, and the life of the paddock.
Tommy and Jason enjoying a mid-day rest.
Daniel has a pretty tricked out black 749, and he's vastly improved this year, 
and we're planning to do Keith Code's California Superbike School in a couple weeks.
The sunset was beautiful as it often is up here,
though the wind got fairly blustery and whipped around a few people's canopies.
Tommy and I took off and went to Buffalo Wildwings;

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