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Gapalicious 2019 in Tellico Plains TN

 Every year for the past few years, I've headed down to Tellico Plains, Tennessee, at the base of the Cherohala Skyway to join up with an awesome community of MV Agusta riders who congregate from all over the world to party, enjoy each others' company, and ride some of the best roads on the East Coast, that snake around the Smoky Mountains down into North Carolina.
 Now I decided to come late this year, and there were no more rooms available at the riverfront lodge, where I had stayed the last two years.  In 2017 I lugged an Aprilia dealer sign all the way from New York City to Tennessee for my friends Art and Kevin.   And then last year, I flew down with the help of Chuck trailering my bike down, threw a bearing and blew out the engine on my Streetfighter, and maybe smuggling some moonshine in my luggage on the way back. 
This year I got a quaint, tiny little cabin for $35 a night, filled with a tiny kitchen a full size bed, and a rather ample-sized bathroom.  I drove down Wednesday, and we headed over to Tellicafe, a very wonderful (albeit podunk) restaurant in the dry county where Tellico Plains is located.  Unfortunately, the little doesn't have WiFi, so I'll need to head over to the lodge on Friday and work my way through the day. 
 Chrissy, the same waitress that served us back in 2017 is still working as a waitress, and we had a little fun sending this pic to Shawn, who's skipped out on the Gapalicious trip the last couple years.
 The large lodge up the hill is called the "Crows Nest," and this is where the bulk of the MV group stays.
 Each night, we get together bringing lots of alcohol in addition to our bikes.
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