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NYDUCATI Vespa Edition Paris

 Well, this post is not particularly Ducati related, but it concerns two-wheeled Italian machines, so I'll just say it: "I'm getting married!!"

 I proposed to fiance Caitlin in Paris, but before I did, I rented a cherry-red Vespa to see the sights of Paris, and navigate the city around the little island district of St. Louis, the ancient part of the city next to Notre Dames where I rented an Airbnb for the week.
 I rented the Vespa from Left Bank Scooters, which cost about $125 / day, and the Vespa was delivered (ridden) to our doorstep.
 I could not have asked for a more cherry bike than this Vespa LX125, which pulled our combined weight around the hills of Paris just fine.
 I suggested we take a little trip to Versailles, which is usually a solid day's trip, as it's located a good hour North of the downtown of Paris.

But on a Vespa, while there are many hills to get there, we just zipped over to the fabled monument of feudal opulence in just 40 minutes or so... stopping off for crepes on the way.
We spent the morning in the palace, and then checked out the famous gardens as well.
zipping by the Eiffel Tower and touring around Paris for the rest of the day (stopping at Ducati Paris along the way).

There's something pretty amazing about not only scooter culture in this city (everyone moves out of your way letting motorcycles and scooters to the front of every traffic backup or stoplight), but something amazing about the access of riding a scooter down the Champs D'Elysee. 

We had dinner plans (I booked a dinner cruise down the Siene), so we didn't stay out all night, but the next morning, we got up and snaked our way up the hills of Montmartre,
to visit the famous Sacre Coure basilica,
grab some breakfast,
 and do a little more riding ;)
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