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Keith Codes California Superbike School at NJMP

Tigh Loughhead graduates Keith Codes California Superbike School at NJMP
I've been waiting for this day for six months!

I drove halfway down to NJMP last night, from DucatiRevs at New York Safety Track.
I had won this day at the DESMO holiday party last year, and was joining a few friends like Fred (above pictured with Keith Code himself)

and my buddy Paul.
Now if you haven't heard of California Superbike School, I highly recommend picking up a copy of

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The book is filled with pretty fundamental tips on how to ride...
and how to ride fast, focusing on cornering, physics and geometry, but also the discipline to learn and improve over time.
Now Keith Code applies those same rules in his book to motorcycle racing, and he's worked with some of the best racers in history.
And now, he travels around the country offering California Superbike School classes at major tracks across the US.
CSS has a relationship with BMW in the states, and they offer classes on brand new BMW S1000RR motorcycles.
I however, brought my own track bike, and I'm kinda glad I did
even though I managed to leave my helmet at a buddy's trailer up at Ducati Revs the day before...
There's very little I would have learned additionally on another bike, even though it would have been pretty cool to test out an S1000RR at the track.
The first couple sessions are very slow; it's all reinforcing the idea that learning riders should only focus on one thing at a time.
Keith Code likes to make the analogy that if you have a dollar, you should always leave 10 cents in your pocket, as because there are thousands of distractions going on while driving a motorcycle, this is the only way you can be self-aware enough about your riding to learn anything.
The first session is actually done using NO BRAKES, which is a pretty incredible challenge
when your bike is built for speed. 
After sessions on the track, students come immediately back and continue coursework,
layering on new concepts in theory and then into practice out on the track.
Paul here, was getting personal instruction from Keith Code, as he is Code level 4.
The entire day was pretty awesome,
and well worth the pretty penny it costs.
I'd love to do it again... maybe next time Laguna Seca. 
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