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Off with the suit and onto the road...

Marketing guru and motorcycle fanatic
Ok, so I'm writing this a bit after the fact- but only by a couple of days.  I've been itching for this trip on many different levels, even to the point of leveraging my love of motorcycling into my presentation at Dreamforce.  See above for the third slide in my talk, which I was rehearsing at daybreak overlooking the Bay in Portrero.
Packing up my dry cleaning and riding gear
California has always seemed a bit like a holy land for biking.  One of the friends I was going to stay with during Dreamforce was a friend I had made going part of the way cross country on superbikes nearly four years ago.
Your humble author, Tigh Loughhead, at Dreamforce
I can't seem to shake this inkling feeling that riding here will be totally different from anything I've ever experienced.
 California has a totally different culture and respect towards bikes than any place I've ever been.
 In the first place, lane splitting is legal and it's tough getting used to "legal" lane splitting, while respecting other laws as well. Speaking of the law, police ride all sorts of motorcycles...
There are the traditional Harley Davidson police cruisere, but I see supermoto bikes and adventure machines as well.

 San Fran is quite affluent, but still craving authenticity, (much like Brooklyn,) and there are any number of Bonnies or cafe'd BMW Boxer bikes outside of the top coffee-shops.
 But at it's core, I believe that San Francisco is more of a biker-centric culture than the East Coast,
Drivers actually make way for bikes, and all different manner of people ride. 
I'm looking forward to taking off, though I haven't yet picked a route yet...
 I have a bunch of advice though, from a number of friends and club-mates back home,
as well as a few referrals to locals here. 
 Most of all, I just want to take off and go; leaving this crowded civilization behind.

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West Coast Day 1: Riding Out of Dreamforce San Francisco

 This morning, after speaking at Dreamforce, and meeting a truly staggering amount of people, I rented a Ducati Hypermotard to ride up the California coast. Many more pictures and video are forthcoming, but I have spotty wifi at the moment, and will add some pics as I can.
I got a bit of a late start today, and stopped in Santa Rosa to see family, but I managed about 300 miles today, most of which were incredibly twisty, on some of the most incredible roads I've ever seen.

NYDUCATI in San Francisco

NYDUCATI Rides the San Francisco Hills

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DESMO DOC 2016 16th Annual BBQ

I've been running around like crazy this weekend.

Superleggera at The Tuscan Gun

East River Sunrise

1299 Panigale Dark Ducati

Riding around on my Ducati Streetfighter this weekend was a blast, filled with that sickly sweet mixture of power and fear that makes your skin tingle and your throat tighten up, wondering about your mortality in the back of your mind (cue Song of the Sausage Creature...)

Ducati Lima in Peru

Motorcycle Culture in Peru: Andes to the Ocean

There are thousands of bikes in Peru, though mostly 125cc motorcycles.  Roncos, Pulsars, FZ125 and Yz125’s abound, and people use them for everything; from commuting to carrying pets to all-purpose delivery vehicles.  

Ducati Panistrada Project 1312 (2017 Supersport S)?

Is this rumor legit? Is Ducati about to unveil a Ducati Panistrada (a 2017 Supersport S) at World Ducati week in Misano Italy?

2017 Ducati Supersport S 939 Project 1312
2017 Ducati Supersport Project 1312 Image Credit MotorcycleNews

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Bike Night at the Tuscan Gun

I've been riding and traveling for most of the spring, so I haven't had a chance to catch up on my ride reports, but had to recap a bike night in Brooklyn a few week's back.
NYDUCATI: Bike Night at The Tuscan Gun in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Moto Custom Carbon Fiber 1198S Ducati

Coming back from Joshua's house, Mark from Brooklyn Moto had invited me to come to a motorcycle BBQ in Brooklyn, and watch MotoGP, the fifth round taking place in Le Mans in France.

East Coast Ducs May New Members Ride

I'm in the process of writing up a more detailed ride report, but last Sunday the East Coast Ducs went up to Hudson Valley Motorcycles and did a few hundred miles in upstate New York.

Evolution of the Ducati Superbike

A short history of the Ducati Superbike over the last 30 years.

Joshua cooks 52lbs of Prime Rib for the East Coast Ducs

The master chef of Mu Ramen fame, who happens to a so be a massive Ducati motorcycle enthusiast and East Coast Duc member, invited the club to spend the afternoon dining with him and 52 lbs of mouthwatering, dry-aged prime rib steaks and watching MotoGP.
I missed the last event he was generous enough to host at his restaurant, so I wasn't going to miss this,

NYDucati Does Brooklyn

So I've had a rough time getting my bike on the road this spring.  After going out with the East Coast Ducs first ride of 2016 and discovering that I needed a new clutch in my 996, last weekend my chain was really loose.
However, I'm finally using my GoPro Hero4 Silver, and I've finally got some great footage of riding around the city,
even though I ended up getting pulled over on the West Side Highway.
Worried about my chain and recent drama at my garage, and wanting to get some video footage of New York City, I rode over to Klutch NYC, where Rafael runs a great shop in the East Village for motorcycle apparel and gear.
Rafael reminded me that Mark at Brooklyn Moto was now open on Saturdays, and that I should run over and see if he could check out my chain.  
Unfortunately, my chain was kinked and stretched *(which is kind of dangerous to ride on),
so we hung out for a while with my friend Erik, who is helping out detailing bikes at Brooklyn Moto.
I rode back to my house and ordered a new DID 525 chain, and a new Michelin front tire from Revzilla, before my girlfriend came over and we walked back over the Brooklyn Bridge,
to walk around Brooklyn Heights,
and watch the sun set over Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park.
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Twin GT1000s find a crashed Noble M12 GTO 3R Supercar at Saucony Creek Brewing

Alex (with whom I rode Italy last year), needed to get out of the house and ride this morning, before my niece's first birthday party.  Our excuse was a beer run, about an hour's drive up to rural Kutztown, PA to a great craft brewery called Saucony Creek Brewing (note: the "Hop Suplex" is phenomenal, but don't drink too many if you need to ride, as it comes in at 10.5% alcohol).

My Ducati 996 Gets a New Clutch

Uggh... last weekend my clutch gave out hopping on the West Side Highway on the East Coast Ducs' first ride of the year.

Unfortunately, this is the third clutch I've had to replace in as many years (two dry clutches on my ST3 and one one wet clutch on my Monster), as well as helping friends replace clutches of their own, so I decided to create a little YouTube tutorial about:

How to Replace a Dry Clutch on a Ducati 916 / 996 /998

 I'm hoping to narrate a more comprehensive and useful guide, but here are some highlights on how to replace a Ducati dry clutch.

 © 2016 Tigh Loughhead

East Coast Ducs First Ride of 2016

Riding Istanbul in the Rain

Tigh Loughhead in Ortak√∂y, Istanbul, Turkey
We woke up late to pouring rain this soggy morning, kind of depressed about the downpour.  We had a great night last night, and yet Barlas (and I) had been looking forward to this few days in Istanbul for months, with Barlas actually apparently lining up a friend willing to let me use his Diavel (which ended up in the shop), and when that didn't work out, contacting Ducati Istanbul to line up a Monster to rent to tour around Istanbul in the rain.

Turkey by Motorcycle

Barlas Gunay, Tigh Loughhead and Sinan Soyalp ride Istanbul by motorbike
I flew in to Turkey yesterday afternoon, to meet up with a couple of my best friends from college, who live in Istanbul.  My boy Barlas picked me up from the airport, and Sinan joined us after work.  Barlas has recently become a motorcycle fanatic, and was eager to show me his YZF250, a baby sportbike in the Yamaha R line.  They don’t import this model to the US, only to Turkey and Asia, whereas in Europe they import the R3, whereas the entry bike in the states is the R6.

Moto Guzzi Museum Motorcycle Tour 2 (1940-1960): Racing Pedigree

Tigh Loughhead visits the Moto Guzzi Museum with NYDucati
A quick walk up flight of stairs yielded another generation of Moto Guzzi racing motorcycles.

Moto Guzzi Museum Motorcycle Tour 1 (1920-1940) in Mandello del Lario, Lecco in Italy

Tigh Loughhead: NYDucati visits the Museo Moto Guzzi in Mandello Del Lario, Italy
Alex and I arrived exactly at the Moto Guzzi Museum, in the small town of Mandello del Lario, at exactly 3pm, which was perfect, as the museum only opens for an hour per day.

EICMA: Custom Ducati Motorcycles

NYDucati: Custom Ducati Cafe Racer shot by Tigh Loughhead 
One of the prettiest Ducati's I've seen, I'm pretty sure this was built from a 900SS. 

V. Addio Bellagio as We Bring the Bikes Back to Milan

The rest of the trip will feel odd without a motorcycle.  There is such agency that comes with a vehicle, and an added immediacy or presence on a motorcycle.  A motorcyclist engages with his or her environment in a way that no other mode of travel offers.  I never feel like a tourist on  a bike; rather I feel part of the landscape, as I feel the curvature of little pieces of earth as I wend my way down the road.