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COTA MotoGP Race Day in Austin Texas Day 4

Tigh Loughhead with Jorge Pister of DOC Mexico at COTA Motogp
 After four days, it was finally race day!!
I met up with friends from a couple of the clubs in Mexico (Jorge Pister from DOC Mexico) and
Tigh Loughhead President of Gotham Ducati with George Haddad of DOC Puebla
 George Haddad of DOC Puebla.
 The race started and what an amazing turn of events:
Marc Marquez actually crashed out right in front of us!!!
The race was pretty incredible (no spoilers other than that above),
but we spent most of the time hanging out at Ducati Island
An incredible day, but now we were hungry.
The DOC crew decided to go check out Terry Blacks,
which is considered one of the greatest barbecue restaurants in the world. 
Representing a bunch of clubs (Giampiero of BADOC and Matt of DesmoSV)
we had a pretty monster meal.

The next day,
Caitlin and I got up to go fly out, but our plane was delayed./
Tigh Loughhead and the Ducati Desmo Owners Club community in Austin Texas for the COTA MotoGP
So upon the recommendation of a local cabbie,
we drove out to Hill Country hear some live music at a place called Poodie's Roadhouse.
Poodies was founded by Willie Nelson's long time stage manager and business partner.
I've had a lot of preconceived notions about Texas challenged,
but the music and the food here was pretty spectacular.
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