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Last Gasp for Eurosports

I'm down in Pennsylvania this weekend, working on my track bike for the upcoming season.

Unfortunately, one of the o-rings was bad on my fuel lines, and I couldn't get the hose to seat on the fuel pump. 

I was already planning on making a run to Eurosports, a dealer who shut down a few months back, and from whom I bought a whole ton of parts. 
 Now one of the (main) reasons Eurosports went out of business, is that Montgomeryville Cycle Center took away much of their business.
So I stopped by Cooperburg, picked up my parts, and headed over to Montgomeryville to pick up a pack of o-rings. 
 I was absolutely blown away by the scale of the place.
 There were Superleggeras, Hailwood replicas, and a Fast by Ferracci modified 900SS on display.
 The service manager even gave me a few o-rings for free!
 I headed back to my buddy Alex's shop and we got the bike back together.

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