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COTA MotoGP Qualifying in Austin Texas Day 3

 Today started out very soggy... both from the excesses of the DOC party last night; as well as torrential rains in the morning.

 In fact, no one who was part of the DOC community actually even got to the track till early afternoon, and I didn't see most of our crew there all day.
 I did meet up with my buddy Alfie from DOC San Diego, who was talking to Chris, Ducati North America's Experiential Marketing Manager.

Chris slipped me a paddock pass (sort of backstage access to the racing paddock), and Alfie loaned me an extra one, so my girlfriend and I took off to see some of the racers in between qualifying (where I met and took a selfie with Danilo Petrucci above).
 I quickly found the Mission Winnow tent, where I could see Claudio Domenicali sitting with Danilo Petrucci and Andrea Dovisioso sitting in the tent behind me. 
 I geeked out for a while until the racers came out,
but then walked through the paddock to check out some of the other racers. 
Remy Gardner of Moto2 was giving an interview for BT Sport,
and Bradley Smith was lecturing a small audience on race technique.
 while Jack Miller (no longer driving a Lamborghini) signed autographs for fans.
I watched the second half of qualifying,
 as the weather had much improved.
 Later that night, after I got back to the hotel, I couldn't seem to get past a familiar looking crew crowding the bar.
 Turns out it was the entire crew from BTSport!
Then, I went out for dinner with the awesome crew from DOCSD, San Diego's official Desmo Owners Club.

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