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FormulaOne Motorsports in Oakdale Long Island

There is a pretty bizarre dealership way out in Long Island if you travel all the way out to a place called Oakdale on the South shore called FormulaOne Motorports.

 Though they've long since lost their official Ducati dealership, you wouldn't know it as the entrance is shrouded in newer and older Ducati motorcycles.

Owned by an older crotchety gentleman named "Whitey," FormulaOne has some incredible machines, like this 888 built for Troy Corser, and according to Whitey, the last motorcycle he ever made (which I knew to be incorrect).
The bikes were pretty cool, but I had gone out here to help my buddy Jon hopefully pick up a SportClassic,
but unfortunately, this dealership was running a Craiglist scam.
Whitey claimed the ad on Craigslist was inaccurate, and in fact $3k under what the list price actually was.
With a pretty sour taste in our mouth, we checked out some of his old racing machines,
and went on our way.

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