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Henry Crew 35000 Miles at Ducati New York on a Scrambler Desert Sled

Henry Crew of 35000miles Guiness Book World Record Holder for youngest person to ride around the world on a Ducati Scrambler

Henry Crew of 35, has been staying with me for the past couple days...
At only 23 (he started at 22), Henry is attempting to break the Guinness Book of World Records xx for the youngest person to ever circumnavigate the entire globe on a motorcycle.
I've been tracking his progress for the last couple of months, and some of my Desmo Owner Club friends on the West Coast put us in touch directly.
Gotham Ducati Desmo Owners Club, Tigh Loughhead and Henry Crew of 35000miles Guiness Book World Record Holder
By now, Henry has traversed most of the globe, starting across Europe, traveling through Iran, Kazakstan,  Russia
 and to California where he rode down the coast into South America, then back up to the American Northeast.
I've been helping with Gotham Ducati to coordinate and promote a couple events to help Henry share his story, as well as support his sponsors Movember, Revit and Ducati UK
His Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled has well over 30K miles on it already, and before his talk at Ducati New York tonight, we had a little photo shoot of Henry and his bike on the streets of Soho.
Henry is an awesomely low-key gentleman, and I'm humbled to have met the guy and consider him a friend.

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