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Pure Speed at Summit Point Main with Evolve GT

I'm so far behind on keeping up with this blog, but better late than never.
Suffice to say that Summit Point Main is a very different track than Summit Point Shenandoah.
Routinely, I was in the mid 160's running down the main straight before dipping into a sharp right hander. 

Summit Main is not only newly paved,
Tigh Loughhead Track Bike at Summit Point Motorsports Park in West Virgina
but offers incredible opportunity for speed. 
I'm going to need to get some new pucks soon. 
My track bike suffered yesterday, as it was too big for a tiny track at Shenandoah,
but today I was in my element, and felt like a natural gliding around the track.
I made some friends, like my buddy Vladimir, 
who ended up winning the MotoGladiator 300 series race later that day. 

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