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Ducati American Flat Track at the Meadowlands

American Flat Track by Ducati at Meadowlands

Tigh Loughhead of Gotham Ducati and Steve Radt of Ducati New York at American Flat Track

 Gotham Ducati and Ducati New York at American Flat Track
Ducati North America was looking for help to run the final event of the American Flat Track season, which Ducati sponsored at the Meadowlands Race Track in New Jersey. 

So I called up the Gotham gang, and we had about 20 members of our Desmo Owners' Club come out to volunteer.
  I had never been to a flat track race before, but I had heard about the Lloyd brothers building a couple of Ducati flat track racers.
 As you can see, the track (typically a horse-racing track) had been bedecked with red and white, with a special Ducati Island for the Ducati faithful.
The facilities were pretty impressive,
 and there were quite a few Ducs on display.
I got a chance to meet with the new Ducati marketing team, and talk about upcoming initiatives for 2019.

The race itself though was way cooler than I expected, 
The races were actually competive, and we were right next to the action!
The Ducati Island was very cool; we had dinner and drinks just for Ducatisti, and a private viewing area to watch the race.
And there was a private parking area for riders who rode into the race on their Italian machines.
All told, it was an incredible night,
and much more fun than I thought it would be.
It was also an opportunity to get all of the other clubs out together, rallying behind the Ducati passion together. 
Gotham Ducati Tigh Loughhead at American Flat Track Meadowlands Mile
As well as a chance to catch up with old friends. 
Tommy Raul and Tigh of Gotham Ducati
What a night.

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