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EICMA: Ducati 2016 Ducati World Premiere New Model Pictures

2016 959 Panigale

Ducati's new entry-level racebike is now a litre-bike (...shaking my head a little).

Ducati booth at EICMA

 I have a number of friends with 899's and most of them agree it was plenty of bike, but Ducati took the 899 engine and bored it out to a 959cc displacement, increasing the horsepower from 148 to 157.
 This awful looking exhaust will only be present on the Euro models, as American imports will have the typical exhaust, ending at the bottom of the scoop.
The Panigale is a beautiful bike, but Ducati's "bigger is better" mentality (1300cc anyone?) doesn't always seem to be the most original innovation.

2016 Multistrada 1200 Enduro 

Ducati's new enduro/offroad crossover bike is powered by the 1198cc Testastretta 11° V-twin equipped with DVT variable valve timing for 160 bhp and 100 lb.-ft. of torque 2016
 The new Multistrada Enduro looks cool, though who but a rich playboy would really take this bike in the dirt?
 At the same time, if you want to go adventure-touring in style, this Ducati is the way to go.


Honestly, the XDiavel was a little weird, with my feet about parallel to my hands in riding position.

  However, Ducati's first foray into the cruiser market brings a belt-driven Testastretta 11° 1198cc V-twin, enlarged to 1262cc, with 156 horsepower.


  Ducati's new line of 399cc Scramblers is all about the youth market.
The new Ducati Sixty2 Scrambler will conform to Europe's A2 regulations, making it attractive to young riders with only a junior motorcycle license.
Even though the Pantah-based engine only puts out about 41hp, the pricetag will only be a few hundred dollars less than its bigger brother.

However, most of the people I talked to assured me there was plenty left in the engine, and easily tuning the new Scramblers was going to be part of the game.
The Scrambler brand is also an accessory / fashion line now, and the marketing was in full effect, with the booth constructed out of several stacked shipping containers,
  with games and branded collateral everywhere. 

2016 Monster 1200R

 The new Monster 1200R is the most powerful naked bike ever built by Ducati.
At over 160 horsepower, this will rip on the street, though there isn't too much added to the 1200S.
 I still like it far better than the XDiavel


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