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Buonasera Milano!

Just got into Milan after a long, LONG journey from JFK to Istanbul to finally Milan for EICMA.  Surprisingly, security was incredibly relaxed (in light of recent events), though I always make a point to dress formally to travel.  I was through booking and Airport security in New York in less than 15 minutes, which left me about three hours waiting for my flight.
 The flight wasn't bad, about 9 hours long, but I've had a really busy week and I'm only a few hours of sleep a night, and then I had another three hour wait till my connecting flight to Milan.  I'm visiting some great friends in Turkey on the way back, so a flight through Istanbul was the best route.
 Finally, I arrived in Milan Malpensa airport, where I don't recall even going through customs.  I didn't have to declare anything, nor did the Airport security even make eye contact (nor even speak to me) after briefly looking at my passport and waving me into the city.  A high speed train connects Malpensa  to the center of Milan, and for 12 Euros you can be in the center of the city in 50 minutes, and finally hooked up with my brother-in-law, who works for All Balls Racing, manning a booth at EICMA.
The architecture in Milan looks grand and impressive, though right now I'm mostly excited about the motorcycle show tomorrow! 
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