Italian Motorcade from Massachusetts to Tennessee

I had stopped by my friend Chuck's house last week, en route to the 35th Annual IMOC rally.  


IMOC 2018 35th Annual Italian Motorcycle Owners Club Rally

Bimota V DueI've been to the IMOC (the International Motorycle Owners' Club Rally) three out out of the past four years, and was excited to get to go this year as an official Ducati sponsored event!


HSS gets Nailed

Well, I've managed to keep my nose clean lately, or at least keep from running afoul of the law on my motorcycle... until this morning I guess...


Gotham ECD Family Barbecue

Tigh Loughhead of Gotham Ducati and East Coast Ducs Tom Napolitano, Shawn Mathew, Walter and Albert Feliz
I've been riding with a club called the East Coast Ducs ever since we started the club several years ago at Walter's house back in 2015.  


Third Annual Festival Fine Italian Cars, Bikes and Food

Who would have thought my Ducati track bike would win an award from the Ferrari Car Club of America today? 


Pure Speed at Summit Point Main with Evolve GT

I'm so far behind on keeping up with this blog, but better late than never.

Suffice to say that Summit Point Main is a very different track than Summit Point Shenandoah.
Routinely, I was in the mid 160's running down the main straight before dipping into a sharp right hander. 
Summit Main is not only newly paved,
Tigh Loughhead Track Bike at Summit Point Motorsports Park in West Virgina
but offers incredible opportunity for speed. 
I'm going to need to get some new pucks soon. 
My track bike suffered yesterday, as it was too big for a tiny track at Shenandoah,
but today I was in my element, and felt like a natural gliding around the track.
I made some friends, like my buddy Vladimir, 
who ended up winning the MotoGladiator 300 series race later that day. 

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