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StreetfighterR - Header Fabrication at Long Island Racing

The 848, 1098 and 1198 engines all drop right into each other's frame, but the main difference between these models is between the Superbike and the Streetfighter.
NYDUCATI at Long Island Racing in Brentwood, Islip for my Ducati Streetfighter R

 The Superbike has an underseat exhaust, whereas the Streetfighter's exhaust ports out to the side.
 Therefore, to drop an 1198 Superbike engine in my Streetfighter, I needed to bring my header pipes to a fabricator to weld the old 1098 connector flange onto the new 1198 header.
Long Island Racing in Islip came highly recommended, and they did the necessary welding for my headers. 
 The weld was awesome, and they had some other pretty sick bikes they were working on,
 like this Ducati 999.
 Christian at LI Racing also had a whole bunch of old MV Augsta parts, like these original Senna stickers.
After I picked up my headers, I brought them back and left them with Kyle at Ducati New York. 
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