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Gotham Ducati Track Day at NJMP

My boys from Gotham Ducati in NYC are joining me at the track today.  James showed up after dinner last night, but Jerry and Tommy got in late. They decided to ride down, and didn't get in till after midnight and unbelievably, they rode down from NYC.
Harlem Superbike School OGs

After staying in Ship Bottom NJ and a full NJMP EvolveGT track day yesterday, I was riding a high and looking to continue to hone my skills.
This would be my first back to back track day, which several friends told me is the only way to really learn. 
 I got up super early, and took a few shots of the New Jersey Motorsports complex.
 There is a hotel right on the track running about $130 / night, with rentable garage space directly below.
We got our bikes prepped, and suited up for the day.
Tommy and I raced intermediate, and James and Jerry signed up (quite smartly) for GT1, Evolve GT's race school for first timers. 
While Tommy and I were busy blowing session starts ;), Jerry and James were studying the track, body position and fundamentals...something I wish I had done more of when I started. 
The first half of the day seemed incredibly educational, and it's easy to forget fundamentals at the racetrack.
Tommy and I traded places leading in intermediate, though I have to say- I was starting to feel incredibly comfortable on the track.  
There's this weird progression experiencing a new track, where at first you're scared shitless, then you just feel uncomfortable, which diminishes down to just feeling weak in certain corners, till finally it just clicks. 
I checked my lap times when I got home, and I was putting in mid 1:40's by the end of the day (hardy race-pace, but certainly respectable). 
MotoGladiator was also running a race at NJMP this weekend.

The race was pretty exciting

It was a pretty incredible day with awesome friends. 

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