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Italian Beauty in Quebec City

 Some day maybe I'll do a more proper writeup on this adventure,
 but after we left the East Coast Ducs in Montreal,
 Jerry, Joe and I went up towards Quebec City.
 Valentin had found a stretch of some 40 miles of twisties in a National Park called the Parc du Maurice and it turned out to be spectacular.

Jerry chatted up the cute Park Ranger,
who warned us about the speed limit,
and we managed to get through some AMAZING roads without running afoul of the local fuzz.
We arrived in Quebec City and Joe and I went to my hostel.
Jerry was visiting friends (which was slightly difficult, as we were losing our native French speaker)
and Joe was staying in the nice part of Viex Quebec.
I checked into a cheap hostel (I think it was around $50 / night), and the view was simply amazing.
Joe had been to Quebec before, and invited me to the Fairmont Hotel, which is one of the architectural masterpieces of North America (or at least the NorthEast).
Not many people can outdrink me, but Joe managed easily and we had an awesome night reflecting on life and our journey.
The views of Lake Champlain and the city below are so romantic and lovely I remember thinking I'd like to bring a girl back here.
 The Fairmont hotel is something out of a European storybook,
 situated on the side of a mountain.
 Joe and I ended up at a club somewhere early in the morning
 and I finally got home in the wee hours of the morning.
Good night
 The next morning

 I woke up and walked around this cute little mountain top city
 I'd parked my bike around back, but the entire city is surrounded by colonial ramparts and artillery.

 We hit the road at last
 but not before taking a few photo ops
 of my hostel,
 and the parliament building
and the cute little streets around. 
Quebec City is on a hill, but most everywhere in Quebec is flat, and we were miserably stuck in traffic.

 The weather was HOT... And we decided to push down Route 91 through Vermont (rather than New York) towards Mount Washington.
 I think it was pushing 100, but we finally made it down to Vermont, stopping off for some Heady Topper and staying somewhere around Killington.
 I wanted to cheap out on a hotel, and remember a harrowing (but riveting) ride in the dark on a Route 100, while Jerry and Joe found their fancy hotel
(which turned out not to have air conditioning, haha)
The next day we got up headed for Mount Washington.
My clutch was starting to go,
which pissed me off and scared the shit out of me,
but once we got to the mountain, 
Gerry and I raced up the hill. 
I believe it was this point 

and those roads that convinced me to get a GoPro.

And all I remember is Jerry and I sitting at the bottom of the hill, wondering to each other, "wanna do it again?"

© 2015 Tigh Loughhead


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