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2015 15th Annual DESMO BBQ

The atmosphere was a bit subdued this year at DESMO Ducati Owner's Club.   I've gotten a few tickets over the past few weeks, and more than a few friends (or friends of friends) have had some motorcycle-related drama. 

Spotless Desmosedici RR with only a few hundred miles on it.
 I had ridden up to Woodstock on Saturday with a few friends, some of whom were going to the track, others who were headed home, and I wound up riding down to the BBQ on my own, after a lovely morning riding around the Catskills.
Christan's lovely SportClassic
Also, the appeal of riding out of NYC from Central Park with 50 other Ducati enthusiasts has waned a bit.   Attendance has also dwindled a bit; last year the DOCNYC had maybe 25 riders up to Hamptonburgh, and this year even less.
Untouched 1985 Ducati 750F1A, #570 of 602 (and the last Ducati made before Cagiva purchased the Italian manufacturer).
  The ride was hot, and by the time I got there, most riders had already showed up. There were a few classics, but the main attraction was a trailer-queened Desmosedici, with barely any miles on it, number 850 of the 1,500 produced.
1990 Ducati 851 Superbike, the predecessor of the 916.  Stock except the Termignoni exhaust.
There were a bunch of regulars, and the raffle was fun as always. 
Ducati 900SS Superlight
 I walked away with five hats, and a few t-shirts, but nothing outrageous.
 Ducati 749R Custom paint... everything possible upgraded, and best in show last year. 
DESMO unbelievably has been around for fifteen years.
I didn't stay too late either, and rode home myself. 
A couple of heavily-modified 1198S Ducatis, with more carbon-fiber than imaginable. 
 I've started using Waze pretty seriously, as the directions automatically update based on traffic conditions, which are actually crowdsourced from users contributions,
 But alas, even Waze had me mixed up, and I ended up taking a very circuitous route home.
To top it off, on the last exit of the Palisades, I left my wallet on the gas pump, and showed up at the George Washington bridge with no cash, no ID or insurance information.  I managed to cruise through though, and home, though a little exhausted and worse for wear. 

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