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Woodstock Weekend at Richie Haven's House on the 45th Anniversary of the '69 Festival

I wound up wandering around Woodstock this weekend, weirdly ending up at Richie Haven's house, on the 45th anniversary of the famous music festival in 1969. Richie Haven's was the first act to perform at Woodstock

 Saturday was my friend Jerry's birthday, and a few of us (most importantly his wife) had conspired to chip in and surprise him with a Ducabike clear clutch cover for his treasured 899 Panigale, that he lovingly refers to as 'Domino'.  Though this modification adds absolutely no performance, it's requires a two-piece clutch case off of an 1199.
 We were hoping to make it a surprise, so we rode up early to Rockwell Cycles, and had coffee and a bite at the cafe downstairs.
 We dawdled and delayed over breakfast, and by the time we were done, Gary (Rockwell's Ducati tech above) was almost finished with the installation, including a pretty fantastic header pipe wrap they generously threw in on the house.
We eventually wandered back up to the shop, and only then did Jerry inquire, incredulous, "where is my bike...?"
  Jerry was ecstatic when he found out, and was nearly in tears when he found out, and that his wife supported the idea, despite some recent drama with our Ducati clubs and members.
Jon, whose put this plan together, and Tom, were riding up to New York Safety Track for the Ducati Revs racetrack weekend later in the day, so we decided to head north.
 Jared and I however, stuck around stuck around and realized that it would be quite a haul to get back to the city that night.
 So, we crashed in Woodstock in Richie Haven's house that Jerry's wife had rented for his birthday weekend.

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