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DESMOs 15th Annual Oil Spill at European Cycle Services

I spent this blustery Saturday morning at the two nearest Ducati motorcycle shops outside of New York City, picking up my 996 from Rockwell Cycles, and heading over to DESMO DOC's 15th Annual Oil Spill at European Cycle Services (ECS).

 I woke up early this morning to a beautiful, blustery spring morning.
 I hopped on the MTA North (Hudson line) up to Garrison, to be picked up by the guys at Rockwell Cycles, who had just done the service interval on my Ducati 996.
 They picked me up at the Manitou station, and I decided to walk up the hill towards the Bear Mountain Bridge, and a stumbled upon a couple incredible houses, like this uber-modern glass structure overlooking the Hudson River.
 After I picked up my bike, I texted a few friends, one of whom came up on his black Monster, and we took a quick ride up to Bear Mountain.
 After parting ways, I headed over to the DESMO "Oil Spill" at ECS outside of Middletown, NY.  I got terribly lost without a proper GPS setup, but eventually got there around 2pm for some cold pizza and a few members still wrenching their bikes.
 I parked next to one of the coolest (and most bizarre) cafe racers I have ever seen; a custom built 748 (you can see my matching tank in the background.
 The owner had totally rebuilt the bike, and added all kinds of aftermarket black and red parts, carbon fiber, and even a custom carbon fiber and fiberglass tail he made himself.
 The guys at ECS were fantastic, even helping to change DESMO members' timing belts.
 Other members brought their race bikes in for minor adjustments.
About 5 of us took off around 4:30 or 5, and went for a quick ride, back the way we came, on a 996, a Panigale 1199S, an 899 Panigale (above), a 1200 Monster and a Speed Trip-
Ending up at Rockwell and Bear Mountain, before finally returning back to New York City.
© 2015 Tigh Loughhead


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