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IMOC 2014 | 31st Annual Italian Motorcycle Owners Club Rally

Droves of Ducs and Garrisons of Guzzis at the 2014 IMOC Rally

After a late-night wedding after-party last night, and an early brunch, I headed over to Hamilton Rod and Gun Club in Sturbridge, Mass. for the 2104 IMOC Rally, one of the largest gatherings of exclusively Italian motorcycles on the East Coast.

 Ducati Section

 There were hundreds of bikes, and my phone was losing power, so I only snapped a few pics of the coolest Ducs I saw, like this racing 1984 Ducati TT1 from CT.
 There were three or four Darmahs parked around the grounds, looking slick with the signature black and gold paint scheme.
 Another Ducati Darmah.
This gentleman left early, riding his race-faired Darmah out. 
 I believe this was a 1985 Ducati 1000MHR (Mike Hallwood Replica) without the race fairings, but I'm not entirely sure.
 One of the fewer newer bikes I shot, this beautiful GT100 was gorgeous and clean.
This lovely sunburst 1974 Ducati 750GT glistened in the afternoon sun. 
 I've actually never been to a rally before exhibiting more than one of probably my favorite replica bike of all time, the 2002 MH900E Mike Hallwood 900 Evoluzione.
 Only 2,000 of these bikes were ever produced in the world, and there were two, maybe three that showed up at IMOC this year.
 Another stunning black Ducati GT.
 This bike was an older 1963 250cc Ducati Scrambler
 Another even older 1959 Ducati Elite 200.
 This 1971 Ducati 450 Desmo Racer was in pristine condition... was this Ducati 250 MK 3D from 1969.
 Another view of the shining crome.
 This was a 1966 Ducati 250 MK3.
 And the other side.
...and a close up of the details on the round-case and foot pegs.
Finally, one of the sponsors was exhibiting on of the $72,000 Ducati Desmosedici RR's. 
There were plenty of Ducs I didn't catch...
Moto Guzzi Mania
There were more Guzzis at IMOC in 2014 than I've ever seen in my life, like this 1955 Moto Guzzi Air One Tourismo.
A couple Moto Guzzi's came equipped with sidecars, like this 1970 V700...
...and this 1984 Moto Guzzi V690

 An older Guzzi Le Mans.
 This was a newer, tricolore Moto Guzzi V11 Copa Italia.
 A green, Moto Guzzi V11 Sport
 There was a whole section for Moto Guzzi Californias..
 ...and Moto Guzzi Ambassadors,
and Moto Guzzi El Dorados.
 This El Dorado was fully equipped as a 70's police bike.

 Moto Guzzi  Jackal and a V11 Bassa

MV Agusta

This was a pretty old MV Agusta from 1965, an MV125GTL
 I think this was a MV Agusta 70's SuperSport.
 A much newer MV Agusta F$ with quite a lot of carbon fiber
Another F4 ready to race.


 This was a cool 1970 Laverda American Eagles 750S
 A touring Laverda RGS1000
 Cafe Racer style Laverda 750SF.
A couple of Laverda 1200 Mirages

Other Italians

There were numerous other Italian bikes, like this Moto Morinin 3 1/2. 
 This was a 1995 Bimota XB11 from New Hampshire
 ...and a 100 Bimota SB8R
  This Bimota wa a 2000 VDue from CT.
 I missed a bunch of Aprilias, but not this RS250 Racing Replica
 This was a Bennelli Tornado Tre Limited Edition
A green Ghezzi Brian Super Twin from 2002.
 This Harley Davidson was actually manufactured in Italy in 1960, when the company purchased a 50% stake in Aermacchi.
I'm not sure how this bike was a Italian, but it was a cool old two stroke Honda.
 Finally, in the parking lot was sitting this strange contraption.
 It looked like someone had mounted a dune buggy front-end on a Harley drivetrain.
 The owner had apparently toured all the way over the west coast, though I couldn't find the owner to get an explanation.
 A really bizarre vehicle.
After shooting all of these bikes, I met up with a few guys from the DOCNYC, and after getting some lunch, took a quick nap in the shade as my phone had run out of batteries.  Adam from the club called me to let me know they were riding back to the city, but I was alas fast asleep. 
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