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New EBRs at First Sunday in Ephrata

First Sunday in Ephrata, PA.

Recently returning to NYC from Nova Scotia, I motored down to PA this weekend for my grandmother's 90th birthday Saturday afternoon!  Sunday morning, I joined my buddy Alex to go to "First Sunday," a large impromptu motorcycle rally in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, where hundreds of local motorcyclists convene in the early hours of the first Sunday of each month
The EBR 1190RS, full of carbon fiber 

Alex and I rolled up a bit late, though the newly launched Erik Buell Racing had a stand showing off their brand new superbikes.  Among them was the carbon-fiber covered EBR 1190RS sporting 175hp at under 375lbs. The 1190RS is a sweet bike, but quite expensive with base prices north of $42,000.
EBR 1190RS Specs
EBR "SuperFighter"
The EBR guys were really nice, and let us sit on each of the bikes. 
 Among the various bikes at First Sunday are always a number of vintage curios, above the Czechoslovakian-made "Jawa."  In addition to Soviet-era scooters, I later found out that Jawa was a long time manufacturer of sidecars.
1987-88 Yamaha FZR 1000 Genesis
 This bike was a bit of a FrankenDuc.  The owner was a Ducati-enthusiast by the name of Steve, who had dropped a 70's era Ducati 750GT round-case engine into a 80's era Darmah frame.
Looking like a yellow twin of my ST3 from the rear, the owner of this pretty Ducati ST2 was looking to sell it for $4K, a really good deal.
First Sunday in Ephrata, PA.
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