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Soggy Slog to Halifax: Mile 958

Bit of a late start this morning.  We checked out of Yarmouth at around 10:30, with warnings of thunderstorms from the hotel staff.  I had planned a leisurely, scenic coastal route (3) to New Brunswick, but as we rolled out of town the angry looking skies unleashed a torrential downpour for about half an hour, and we instead got on highway 103.

I had brought my frog suit, but Jay got a little soaked on his naked bike.
The skies eventually cleared up, and the roads were completely empty. Neither Jay nor I have seen a traffic cop to date (I don't think there are any in Nova Scotia?)
Finally, we rolled up to Lunenberg, about an hour outside of Halifax.
A whale skull in Lunenberg
The view from the Lunenberg Bay
We left Lunenberg around 4 and the skies opened up again, drenching both of us to the core.  At last we finally got to Halifax.  We rolled up downtown as the rain finally stopped, and wandered around until against our better judgment, two wet disheveled, tired bikers (in full riding gear) wandered into a classy looking Italian restaurant called La Fresca. to soggily ask for a beer.

On the Halifax waterfront
We've had amazing luck with Canadian hospitality and generosity so far, and we struck up a conversation with a lovely lady at the bar Stephanie, who turned out to be the proprietor. The bartender and hostess went out of their way to help us with plans, directions, and even called around to negotiate hotel rates on our behalf.
Hayabusa hootenanny on the Halifax boardwalk

Next Day: Nova Scotia: Mile 1142

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