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Maine to New Brunswick: Mile 651

We woke up and hit the road early, taking Coastal Route 1 north through Rockport, Belfast and Ellsworth.  I had plotted an alternate route around Arcadia National Forest both on the trip out and the way back, so when we were congested in traffic through most of the morning, we decided to get as much tarmac under our wheels as possible and save Bar Harbor for the route back. Jay and I had orignally planned on ending up in Maine, but as the day wore on we decided to make Canada.

 We did stop briefly at Fort Knox, before pushing up to the northern coast of Maine (Downeast?) and around the tip, finally stopping at St. Croix National Historic Site, where a little outcropping created two coves nestled between serene sylvan surroundings (below and also behind the bikes in the first shot).

Just around another few turns we arrived in Calais, an suddenly we were at the border crossing at St. Stephen. We were both welcomed into Canada within five minutes, and again struck that a foreign country was just a couple days away from New York.  

We immediately hopped on a huge, brand new thruway, and took of for St. John, exceeding in miles per hour what the speed limit allotted (probably rather generously) in Kilometers per hour.
After nearly running out of gas, we pulled into the outskirts of St. John, and asked a charming older power-walker for her advice on the cheapest hotel we could find.  Another sweet receptionist at a Best Western gave us directions to a more economical alternative. 

 St. John turned out to be a fantastic town, and we rolled out to Reversing Falls for dinner, then down into the center of town, wishing we had a chance to stay for longer and see a little more of the town than was offered at 9pm on a Tuesday night.
Unfortunately, the metal braids were starting to show on Jay's rear tire, and we saw a Harley/Honda dealership to go to get the tires changed the next day if we could make it to the ferry.

Next Day: Nova Scotia: Mile 726

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