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Return of the ST3 (w/ New ECU) from Ferracci

After several weeks of heartache and fruitless diagnoses,  and another month with my newly purchased ST3 stuck at Fast by Ferracci in Willow Grove, I finally heard back what was causing the issue with my EOBD light.  "Fabio," the service manager from Ferracci, called me the Thursday before my big trip to confirm my worst fear, that the ECU was bad.  I found one on Houston Superbike's eBay page, and called them to confirm that I did in fact need the performance "racing" ECU, because of my carbon cans. 

Fabio called me back last week, and I rode my Monster from NYC to PA at 6am on Saturday morning, as I needed to collect the fairings from my Gma's barn.  She drove me down there, and I snapped a few pics outside Ferracci. All in all, (not including gas, favors and the goodwill of friends) the ECU set me back $600 (Ferracci quoted me $1499, albeit for a programmable ECU), plus about $650 in labor. Not quite cheap, but less than I had originally feared.
My grandmother followed me back to the turnpike, and I rode around a bit (above in Valley Forge), enough that I fell back in love with the bike (though still a little jilted).  Be wary of anyone named Mark in Ringwood, NJ trying to sell you bike, because he scammed me pretty good. 

 It was getting cloudy, so I eventually made my way home, and parked one of my lovely beauties beside the other.

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