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MV Agusta Edition - Cherohala Skyway

Today was one of those halcyon motorcycling days that I'll see in my memory in sepia-tones for the rest of my life. 
I finally got a chance to ride the Tail of the Dragon and Cherohala Skyway. 

Part 1: Cherohala Skyway

I woke up fairly early, and ran into Arthur, who was just unloading his bike out of Kevin's trailer. 
He had purchased a 2013 or '14 MV Agusta F4 RR (left, below) a few months ago in Houston, and Kevin had held onto it in Nashville until this trip. 
 I'm not sure how it's humanly possible to buy a bike and not ride it for a couple months, but to each their own I guess.

Most of the club stayed up at the Crow's Nest, but about ten of us had bikes down by our rooms by the river.
I was ready to ride to the Tail immediately, but a bunch of guys had planned on slabbing it to Blood Mountain in Georgia, and Arthur needed to change the oil in his new bike. 
 So without the assistance of funnels or oil drain pans, we made do with Solo Cups, old gatorade bottles and and an old quart of milk jug.
A little before lunch, we went back up to the Crow's Nest to find that most of the club were themselves getting ready for a little jaunt over to Robbinsville across the Cherohala Skyway.

Atop the Crow's Nest was a flock of MV Agusta motorcycles.
  There were quite a few F4's an F3 Ago, a number of Brutales and and a Rivale.
 One of the coolest bikes of the weekend was a 2009 Bimota DB7, whose owner also custom painted an F4.
Powered by a 1098 Ducati engine, not only is this bike super-rare, the look is truly awe-inspiring.
It took a while to rally the troops (of about 20 riders I would say). 

After a number of bike issues and bathroom breaks, we finally hit the road
Unfortunately we needed to stop again before too long for gas, and as Ian's chain was too tight.
Finally, I had some clear tarmac in front of me...

There is something wonderful about riding on a weekday, where the roads are clear of traffic (and police).

The Cherohala is mile after mile of sweeping twisty curves, sublime for any level of motorcyclist.
 In typical Italian fashion, the Bimota was being a bit tempramental.
And Arthur had nearly run out of gas, and realized that the seating position was several inches higher than his last F4, so he couldn't ride 2 up with his wife, to whom I had given my truck keys to use as a follow vehicle.
RB had an awesome, highly customized S2R, with everything from a powder-coated speckled-paint, trellis frame to a MotoDemic (I think) headlight.
Most of the machines in our group were F4s  (a phrase I'm sure not uttered too many places across the globe).

NEXT: Part 2 The Tail of the Dragon

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