Revs up Fan Engagement at Dreamforce

My two worlds are colliding.. Ducati and Salesforce. Hot on the heels of the Ducati "Connected Customer Experience" last year at Dreamforce in San Francisco,


Summit Point Shenandoah Track Day in West Virginia


Gotham Ducati Track Day at NJMP

My boys from Gotham Ducati in NYC are joining me at the track today.  James showed up after dinner last night, but Jerry and Tommy got in late. They decided to ride down, and didn't get in till after midnight and unbelievably, they rode down from NYC.
Harlem Superbike School OGs


Changing the Clutch on a Streetfighter 1098S

Well, I finally burned out the clutch on my Streetfighter.
After a couple years of pretty hard riding in New York City, it's time to put in a new clutch. Unfortunately, I don't have anywhere to wrench, 
So I'm just wheeling the machine out the street where I can pull the plates and put a brand new Barnett Clutch Pack into this dry clutch beast. 
Unfortunately, I've done this so many times that I would say I know what I'm doing by now.
And in an hour I was ready to ride!

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